Dreamweaver Shortcuts

Editing Text    
Action Windows Mac
Create a new paragraph Enter Return
Insert a line break Shift+Enter Shift+Return
Insert a nonbreaking space Control+Shift+space Option+space
Move text or object to another place in the page Drag selected item to new location Drag selected item to new location
Copy text or object to another place in the page Control-drag selected item to new location Option-drag selected item to new location
Copy text only (does not copy HTML tags) Control+Shift+C Command+Shift+C
Paste as text Control+Shift+V Command+Shift+V
Select a word Double-click Double-click
Add selected items to library Control+Shift+B Command+Shift+B
Switch between Document window and HTML inspector Control+Tab Control+Tab or Option+Tab
Open and close the Property inspector Control+Shift+J Command+Shift+J
Check spelling Shift+F7 Shift+F7
Page views    
To toggle the display of Windows Macintosh
Standard view Control+Shift+F6 Command+Shift+F6
Layout view Control+F6 Command+F6
Toolbar Control+Shift+T Command+Shift+T
Formatting text    
Action Windows Macintosh
Indent Control+] Command+]
Outdent Control+[ Command+[
Format > None Control+0 (zero) Command+0 (zero)
Paragraph Format Control+Shift+P Command+Shift+P
Apply Headings 1 through 6 to a paragraph Control+1 through 6 Command+1 through 6
Alignment > Left Control+Shift+Alt+L Command+Shift+Option+L
Alignment > Center Control+Shift+Alt+C Command+Shift+Option+C
Alignment > Right Control+Shift+Alt+R Command+Shift+Option+R
Make selected text bold Control+B Command+B
Make selected text italic Control+I Command+I
Edit Style Sheet Control+Shift+E Command+Shift+E
Note: Some text formatting shortcuts have no effect when working in the code editors.    
Working in tables    
Action Windows Macintosh
Select table (with cursor inside the table) Control+A Command+A
Move to the next cell Tab Tab
Move to the previous cell Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Insert a row (before current) Control+M Command+M
Add a row at end of table Tab in the last cell Tab in the last cell
Delete the current row Control+Shift+M Command+Shift+M
Insert a column Control+Shift+A Command+Shift+A
Delete a column Control+Shift+ - (hyphen) Command+Shift+ - (hyphen)
Merge selected table cells Control+Alt+M Command+Option+M
Split table cells Control+Alt+S Command+Option+S
Update table layout (forces a redraw when in "faster table editing" mode) Control+Spacebar Command+Spacebar
Note: Some table shortcuts do not work in Layout view.